A Ripple

A thousand mile journey started with a single step. That was Chinese proverb said. Last night, I got a better quote brought by Mick, it starts with a ripple then it becomes waves. A ripple becomes waves.
I found the words very beautiful and it tells the current journey I’m living. The ripples of my passion in public speaking. It started as a small ripple as I took my step into Museum Bentoel where Toastmasters meeting was held in a drizzling day of May 2015. I was hesitated because I was late for the meeting. The meeting started at 6.30 and my class ended in 6.30. It takes around 30 minutes for a usual 15 minutes because I didn’t have idea where was the place. I found it out by smelling because of the flower kiosks along the road to Museum Bentoel.
I remembered Judy, Thea, Jasmin and Kurt were warmheartedly listening to my first table topics speech. In June 2015, I took the membership and the story begins. The club turns out to be a gathering of awesome people. The supportive people who are like my family. The powerhouse of my big dream.
It’s May 2016 and the ripple starts to get bigger as we have a dream to make bigger dreams happens. Last night meeting with Mick, Adi, Latif, Santi and Andalas brought refreshing ideas and burning passion on communications! Things that I really love doing.


The ripples is not yet to be waves. It’s still a small steps of a thousand mile journey. The current journey I’m living is still ripples which searching it’s way. The lyrics of George Harrison “Any Road” explains my journey a lot : “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.”

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