Random Days

In a world where all of us have to do random things, I might have run a town and become the mayor of the town. This might be true but also untrue as the world we have to this date has structural system and risk reduction system for any impromptu disaster like earthquake. It’s true that the nature is random, but we can predict the natural disaster. The random nature is not so random anymore. Thanks to science. The random world I imagine would stay in a dream world, not a reality, at least not in 2016. Who knows there would be random people gathered in a place, randomly, and they make the change because it was random? Just who knows?

This holiday I spent the most randomest two days with my mom and her friends. This is the most randomest. And you’re right, two superlative is incorrect but I do it on purpose. So, bare with me.

I cannot say that the journey was less than I expected because I expect nothing. Literally nothing. What do you expect from a journey with your parents? There are some cool parents out there but they are still parents who watched you ate your own poop. They don’t want you do it once again. Sometimes, they forgot you are already grown up and eating poop is not cool anymore. Like really, it IS NOT COOL. So, twentysomethings, if you feel like your parents love you too much it strangled you, remember what you did twenty years ago. You might drink your pee and smeared your poop all over you parents’ face. They have this vivid memories screwed inside their brain and you don’t. Love your parents. Wholeheartedly.

Back to the randomest journey. I only get to Banyuwangi just to see a sulphuric cold river. That’s it. For the love of God, I only spend (or waste) my time sleeping all the way. I spent my money for sleeping in a car. Thank you, Banyuwangi! You’re fantastic.

Cold water running on my feet
Look at the vandalism behind me. And I act like I don’t care. Now you know my fake smile. Or not.
We had planned to go to the top of Ijen crater and beach then cancelled it because it’s too late. Guys, have you heard about time management? Ability to change the schedule to fit in your travel arrangement? Second opinion? This was genius, guys. The randomest person is speaking now and I give my precious randomest badge on you. Thank you. Thanks a lot!

Being a girl who spent more than 100 km to drink a cup of hot milk chocolate (and I’m lactose intolerant), who spent more than 80 km to just to break the rules (wearing white clothes and brightly smile in front of Chinese temple) and another 160 km to plough a land, this one random journey has a different taste of its own randomest. It is like sipping a super hipster drink like malört. The bright side? I met other randomest people fellas. This was totally great. So, thank you, again.

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