The Unsung Hero

I remember people always called me “So, you’re the unsung hero?” when I told them that I’m a teacher. I know this comment is intended to appreciate what I’m doing. The truth is: I do some IT stuff for a living. I won’t be the teacher I wanted to be if I don’t live a “double lives” like this. At the end of the day, I need some budgets for happy eating with friends, moving out, and also another hobby I need to pursue. Being a teacher full time cannot afford all the nice things I wanted to have. Being a “corporate slave” made me want to puke. I’m a teacher in the day and by the night I work in an IT company.

I found out being a teacher is like a paid hobby. I always love teaching. I love motivating my students. Even though at times I made mistakes, or I’m feeling failed at teaching students, I think it’s really rewarding. It’s okay for me to get up early, take a 20-minute nap before starting the next job, then work until 10 PM or 11 PM. The thing is: some people think I work too much. I’m feeling I work a lot but it’s not too much. There was a time I did unpaid work until 3 AM for being a full time teacher. People didn’t bat their eyes and starting to vent their own pain. Now that my work-life balance is acceptable for me, people are nagging. Wondering why didn’t I pursue becoming a civil servant for a safety net route. The job that I loathe because unpaid work is the norm.

Being unpaid is the price of becoming the unsung hero. When I was younger, I was wondering why people cursed me of being poor if I want to be a teacher. Now I realize that being poor is a part of system if you pursue of being a teacher. People always gaslight you for doing”the good teacher”. The good teacher doesn’t complain, the good teacher shouldn’t protest, the good teacher is the unsung hero which is the reward of itself.

Being a hero means you died. That’s the fact. There is a certain process to proclaim that a person become a hero after they passed away. Maybe, one day, I want to do that. It’s not my concern now. I’m a teacher, despite being a part-time teacher and no, I don’t want to be an unsung hero. Let me enjoy being a worker by night and teacher in the day. I got some bills need to be paid.

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