The Power of Writing

Today I visited Emerging Leaders Toastmasters Club meeting and in Antonio‘s speech, he said “If you want to write a blog, you have to start today!” and I admit that it seems like a gentle nudge for me to write a blog after all these days. After the meeting, I had fun with my family. We had a fun “gossip” about and our fellow Indonesian who was banned from the system because they thought that the ID used AI (which is considered cheating). This gossip is so viral across the country (if not the world wide web).

This gossip started from a game called and it allows everyone in this world to compete in the platform. You can play it, too! Then, there is a humble retired chess player from Indonesia, his name is Dadang Subur whose username is Dewa_Kipas (God of Fan). He diligently wrote all the steps in a book so that he knows concisely how to win the game. He won games over and over until he got a chance to have a match with GothamChess (Levy Rozman). GothamChess is an International Master from New York City. Dewa_Kipas got 91% accuracy when he defeated GothamChess and the system accused him of cheating. Dadang Subur is a common Indonesian who doesn’t speak English at all. When they chatted him, he ignored it because he doesn’t understand any of the chats. The system then banned Dewa_Kipas and it led to an outrage of his son, Ali Akbar who can speak English well. Finally, GothamChess called Ali Akbar and Ali Akbar clarified that he didn’t want to prolong the drama. Ali Akbar accepted the fact that his dad lost the legendary username which named after Dadang’s favorite pingpong bat. Ali Akbar said, “My father is just a retired chess player who enjoyed his time playing chess while Levy is a professional chess player who makes a living by this game. I think I need to remove myself from this drama and accept the loss of a mere username”. This story become viral and my parents even enjoy this “gossip”.

Usually I refrain myself from gossips, especially gossips that hurt other people’s feeling. I tried my best to not gossiping others. This case is different. I find the gossip inspiring. How come a humble way of writing can make a person seems like an AI? It’s intriguing. The long lost system seems to be replaced by digital ways. We can type, blog, or chat. Who is writing letters these days? Who keeps a real book note? Even books are replaced by Kindle. This gossip makes me realized that writing helps people to use their brain, that is way more sophisticated than any AI.

I remember one day, a good friend of mine, Jessica, told me to always write what I’m going to do if I got worried, confused, and distracted. If a piece of paper doesn’t help, you can use the back of calendar which is larger, and help you to mind map your ideas. I went big that day, I bought the A0 size of paper. Go big or go home, right. Then I found what I really wanted at that day. Years after that, last week, I found it again and it helps me to navigate my master degree. I’m planning to take a master degree! Of course, I need to apply for scholarship for the study.

These days, I had a note book and I always do a “brain dump” system which allows me to jot down every single thing if I got “no idea” of what I am doing. I remember another good friend of mine, Shanti, who had a sophisticated ways of keeping track of her finance. She used apps and I adapted it to “dedigitalize” the system and jot down in my journal. My friend Galuh actually bought a special financial journal, and I adopted the system in my journal. I learn a lot and I feel like in “control” of every situation especially because I use my notebook. I can remember events better!

Writing starts to be a long lost enjoyable activities especially when your penmanship is not that aesthetic (just like mine). Aside from the less aesthetic side, writing helps me a lot to break down ideas, to memorize good conversation, and to remind me to be a better person. I can remind myself to write a gratitude list, to monitor my water intake, and to schedule my recreational plan. I can enjoy present even better because it helps me to manage my schedule. Writing is a therapy for my forgetful soul.

Write something now, do it with your own hand, and discover your AI inside yourself.

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