I’ve started journalling towards the end of January when I said to myself, “This is it. I’m taking my first step of the journey of thousand miles!”. I don’t regret it for making mistakes and learning something new. One thing I love about journalling is that it’s seamless for me to get myself on the track. Sometimes, I lost the track but, it was so easy for me to get back. I learn that I don’t have to put ALL the task in one plate. I can learn to divide and priorities. One of the thing I love the most is planning my down time! It was so much fun. I learn that when I allow myself to take rest, it helps me a lot to stay focused. I don’t feel guilty (it’s part of the task) and I allow myself to feel happy.

Today’s recreational task is drawing and eating ice cream! Since I didn’t feel like eating ice cream, I had bottled sugary water that I love and drew a tree. When I had the water, I saw a tree and I remembered there was an expression from foreign language which means “to rest”. At first, I thought it was Irish. I tried searching to no avail then I gave up. I was irritated. It was not my goal to get irritated! This was my down time! Then I found the expression which explained the situation somehow. I stopped the activity. I continued teaching and went home when it was pouring rain. When I arrived at home, there was a blackout. So, I went outside again on foot, put on my coat and touch the tree in front of the house and breathed. I enjoyed the feeling and browsed once more. I found the phrase. It was from Welsh.

The Irish way of saying “nature is stronger than nurture” showed how powerful nature to get me back on the track after “returning to my trees”

In life, sometimes we got frustrated because we tried to nurture or control all the things by our hands. We should remember that nature is stronger than nurture. Breathe. Allow yourself to calm your mind to the nature. Whenever you want to calm your mind, don’t hesitate to return to your tree.

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