A Single Step

I always love the Chinese proverb “A journey of thousand miles starts with a single step”. Wherever I want to do something, I always have this mindset. Sometimes, I felt bitter because I failed. Failure stings deep especially when the hope soars so high. However, it’s a part of the journey and I can start again with a single step.

This year, I try to do #30HariBercerita (30 days of storytelling) challenge introduced by Galuh. It’s my single step to write again, to share stories, to experience journey. 2020 has been a rough year for me and Galuh is a friend who stays by my side throughout the miserable year (along with other friends, of course!).

Galuh and I are two different people with notable age difference. We are seven years apart. One thing that is totally unique about us is we have polar opposite of taste in the terms of music. She loves music from 50’s era and I love K-Pop. Eventhough I’m more on the older side, her taste is much more vintage than I am. Sometimes I forgot she is way younger than me. She’s a person who gets annoyed when I’m being fickle about things yet somehow understands my erratic sides. She often helps me to decide things. My single step which followed by another steps feels lighter by her helps.

Taking steps in 2020 is a huge thing to do because I went through several heart breaks along with financial constraints. Despite the rough year, Galuh helps me to courageously taking tiny steps. I reckoned one day she convinced me to go to therapists because she noticed things got out of my hands. I started to reach out and began to heal myself. I share my journey of healing along the way to her and she has started the healing journey as well. We grow together. We help each other thrive in the challenging moments. We build ourselves and even charter new territory together. We are both sky explorers! Galuh is a living proof of another proverb from Africa “If you want to go fast, walk alone. If you want to go far, walk together”. I’m feeling blessed to have her as a friend who is willing to walk far.

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