The Explorer

What will you do if you are lost and all you have is an old map and a compass? All you need to do is to pull your socks up and become the explorer of your life.

It all began with my first journey of becoming a first jobber. I got a job as a Public Relations assistant in state-owned enterprise in the town. I thought it was a disaster because I didn’t like administrative job. I ruminated the thought of how bad my job is. It drove me even further to the end of my useful life. I was stuck in a rut and I didn’t know how to get out from the situation. I blamed all the things. I blamed myself for not taking a good job. I blamed my supervisor for not helping me enough. I blamed my job for making me sick. I thought the cause of the problem was my job so I quit my job.

After quitting my job, I thought everything went better. But I was wrong. I was even diagnosed to have a major depression. I still had to treat my depression. The depression even lingered a bit longer. The cost for my treatment made me think further. I don’t want to spend more money on my medication. I need to treat my depression. I felt I was thrown to a deeper hole with no way out. I didn’t know how to find the light at the end of the dark tunnel.

Have you ever blamed everything that goes wrong in your life? Becoming an explorer in our life, sometimes when we lost, we throw away everything in our hand and blame the condition for making us worse. The only way to make us feeling better is accepting that we are lost. As an explorer in our life, we have to know that even an experienced explorer can get lost. It is fine to become lost.

Now I know that I am lost, and it is a good thing. I start to get whatever in my hands. Back in the days, when you don’t know where you are, you will find a compass and a map. Now the problem is, the map is not easily updated like our today’s Google map. The road changes, the landscape is different and now you need to find a way. It is just like my life. It is not as easy as Google map to find our life. Our life is more like an old map that we need to draw by our own. Even, we need to find our own path. My compass is Google. I googled, How to find a motivation. I find that I need to make a change. I called it one percent of change. And this is what I called my old map.

Using my old map, all I know is the old path to get out from the rut. I was full of fear, so I try to be more courageous. I find my way there by finding ways to be more courageous. I read a childhood book, a classic by L Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. I can identify myself as the cowardly lion. From that book, I learned that to become courageous, I have to do something.

After I read the childhood books, I started to find out what was my potential. I like public speaking so I need to find a place to nurture my ability. I googled again and I found Toastmasters. I joined Toastmasters shortly afterwards. I began to find friends and sharing with them. I learn that everybody is an explorer. I am able to share with my fellow explorers to share about the difficulties of exploring this life. I began to face my fear. I began to question a lot of things. Now, even though I am not 100% sure of my future, I begin to build my dream to become a Public Relations Specialist.

One percent of change is the map that always guide me to explore this life. Now, if I feel lost in life, I look at the map again. What do I want? What habit that I want to do to get closer to my dream? What are my potentials? If you feel lost in your life, just do one percent of change. If you are not sure about your life, try to find one habit that you want to change. It is the old map that you own, so use it. It might not easy to find the way but keep on finding your way. You are an explorer of this life. If we cannot find the way, we will eventually make our own way.

This was the speech I delivered in Toastmasters meeting at Malang Toastmasters Club on October the 18th, 2018.

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