Korean Class

IMG_20180720_160046Today is the last Korean class! The class began two weeks ago. Being a K-poper since 2008, the Korean class was a kind of nostalgia for a veteran K-poper like me. This journey enables me to learn new language, new culture and have new friends. I learned a lot from the teachers.

I didn’t only learn about Korean but also how they deliver the materials to the class. Kak Sung was assigned as the intermediate level of Korean. I joined the class because I have learned a little bit Korean and understand Hangul. Little did I know that the students are in the upper intermediate level! This makes me a bit frustrated. Fortunately for me, Kak Sung is a thoughtful person. She allows us to write whatever comes to our mind. We can experiment Koreanvocabulary by using sentences. Kak Sung speaks mainly Korean and a bit Indonesian. As an Indonesian major student, she has a really good listening skills. She understands most Indonesian but I know that if you teach foreign language, you need your students to be immersed in the language instead of talking in their language. She applies this into teaching and I learn a lot. I’m feeling so lucky to have a teacher like her!

There were days when Kak Sung was not able to come to the class because of some illness. I moved to Kak Dong class. Since Kak Dong is a history teacher, Kak Dong explained the history of each words. It makes me learn easier since some Korean is derived from Mandarin. Kak Dong also explained how the same word can be applied in other words. His way of teaching is like a lecturer already! I also took notes on how he actively listen to the students and catered the class needs. Fellow teachers, all you need is listening to your students more!

Kak Hun is the kind of playful teacher! Unfortunately I didn’t attend to any of his class. I know the way of his teaching in the join class. In the join class, all the students can learn from all of the teachers. He usually joking around with Kak Dong. As a Korean literature student, he usually teach us on how to “dissect” a word especially when it comes to loan words from Mandarin.

I really learn a lot from the way they teach and the Korean lesson itself. Although I’m not an expert (still long and far away to go there!) in Korean, I really enjoy the class.

Here are the photos I have taken with the teachers. From left to right, Kak Dong, Kak Sung (my favorite teacher!) and Kak Hun.

selfie with teacher

And here are the photos of my friends!

selfir with friends

Thanks for adding me in the journey, guys!

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