How to Fight Jealousy

In the past three months, I was constantly battling my own insecurities. Something I did not own. Some roads I did not take. Some decisions I regretted. I scrolled on my Instagram app, serving myself of bites of jealousy covered with red bubbling heart called “like button”. I scrolled out Facebook to find out more and more friends putting their milestones. Be it having a new job, getting married or becoming parents. Things felt falling apart. It was gruesome that, I was the only one left behind scrolling down pages. I chatted online and it didn’t help. I dragged myself down into a pool of jealousy I created for my own.

I talked to myself and I said, this was not right. Somehow, Youtube became one of my friendliest friend amidst the loud voices of humble bragging posts in Instagram or Facebook (well, it was my jealousy seeped in – you are not bragging, just posting!). I found the viral PPAP, GOOD Parody (there’s a link in case you live in the cave) and various TED Talks. I also found various new methods for decluttering my current life! I confess now that I am the one who live in a cave that I missed out a helpful method called Bullet Journal spread out in various websites.

I started to use the Bullet Journal in this month and I found one page in the BuJo (nickname of Bullet Journal) pretty much effective to lit up my mood. Named “The Gratitude List” for my October journey and I have already feel much better for all the things I own. Here is one of them:

Clockwise: “Meimei” Jessica, yours truly, “Kuya” Mick, Nyit, “Abang” Adi, Adis. We had potluck and UNO party until past midnight!

I have supportive friends who are always there when I’m lost. They cherish me whenever I am down and they have brilliant ideas to lit up my world. They are like my long-lost family that somehow know how to make my day, in almost every occasion. I might not have all the things in the world, fabricated by the uses of various social media, but I have great friends that makes me feel I own the world. Thanks, guys!

Next time the jealousy seeps in your heart, you know what to do, right?



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