The End of Idul Fitri Euphoria

Last week, Indonesian moslems celebrated Idul fitri. It’s a joyful festive which allows people to gather and meet long lost relatives. It was one of the reasons why people come afar to go back home and inserted themselves inside “Brexit” (Brebes Timur Exit) nightmare. All for the cost of warm opor ayam (chicken traditional curry) and ketupat (rice in diamond shaped leaf pouch) served by family in kampong. It was a heartwarming event where people asked for forgiveness and meeting all family members.

Back then when I was a kid, I eagerly waited for this event as people gave me red envelopes in Javanese lingo “galak gampil”. As a kid, I asked for forgiveness and went to houses to get the galak gampil. I still remembered how happy I felt when I got one, eventhough it was only Rp 2.000,00! I used to go to my grandparents house and met my cousins. We had opor ayam and ketupat. Sometimes, we lighted up fire cracks or just watched fire works. Compared to New Year, Idul Fitri was much more delightful. Idul Fitri gathered family members while New Year is a celebration you spend with friends.

This Idul Fitri was completely different. As my parents now lost their parents, we feel like we should not go anywhere. We did not have the certain obligation to go to certain place like before. However, the relatives visited over my house. We did not serve opor and ketupat though. It was not about the meal but the heartwarming event that made me feel content on Idul Fitri festive. We celebrate in different way since most of my family are not moslem. It was a little bit quiet but who cares about noisy celebrations?

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