Ngopi and Sunday Outing

Last Sunday, Wige, Tito and Bintang rushed to my house for asking for some help. They needed someone to handle all things they planned for the week. These guys belong to local Catholic Youth and they could not handle all the plans which were a regular meeting called Ngopi (Ngobrol Perkara Iman -Faith Talks) and an outing on Sunday. We used to have bi-weekly meetings every month every Saturday. The Ngopi was not only a Bible study session, it was also a way to express pool of talents, a leadership training and on the top of that to praise the Lord. We experimented a mini drama, games and monolog based on Bible. We also had discussion and sharing afterwards. After the Ngopi, we had fun time such as barbecue party, playing cards or watching films.  However, I had a lot of things happened for the past months and I could not handle the Ngopi. Apparently, they could not handle Ngopi by themselves and they wanted to start over the Ngopi. Unfortunately, my Saturdays usually booked for various reasons. Last Saturday I had an ExCo (Executive Comitee) meeting for Toastmasters. Wige had a brilliant idea to change the usual day into Friday. We also had an outing to Coban Rondo, Batu. I settled up all the games and the bible study topics. Basically I handled the main course of the activities and I anticipated the activities! I missed the time I spent with Catholic Youth!

Preparing the events were not as easy as I thought. On Friday, the Ngopi was part fun and part weird at the same time. We had the same schedule for Ngopi and preparation choir for Sunday mass. We were forced to change the place and we needed to change the format of the Ngopi, all of sudden. The games went well but we had problems with the song. Wige, Bintang, Tito and I are not musically gifted people. Fortunately, there are some teens who are. Saved! My speech delivery was also tested in the Ngopi as engaging teenagers was a challenge for me. It was not going smooth though. I chose long passage for the Ngopi. I should have chosen shorter ones! However, all of the Catholic Youth seemed delighted and they stayed for a while.

Sunday outing was really fun! The trip felt like Fast and Furious in the real life hahahaha… We spent time playing leadership games that allowed them to do things in group in Coban Rondho. The first game required balloons and team group. Second game was the nail in the bottle game for 8 people. The last games was ball racing in the water. We played games in the stream and drenched ourselves in the cool refreshing water under the cascade. We wanted some more time!!

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