What Are You Doing?

The most banal thing I found in the texting lingo is “What are you doing?” or in my language “Lagi apa?”. I feel stupid for not able to describe the question. It should be, nothing? I sent you the reply and the answer would be “replying the chat”. Well of course I did, and how come you do not notice this. If I tell you what am I doing, what’s so big about it? What do you want?
Texting is not the kind of communication I rely upon. I like something more than texting. Instead of deciphering what kind of tones you used in the text, I would gladly ask someone where I can meet them. Listen to their real voice, intonation, or whisper. Each has its own purpose. I want to explore the genuine words they utter. And the most important thing, I don’t have to describe what am I doing. You can watch and find it out by yourself. Let’s talk about how the universe was made or how compelling the quantum mechanics is. Or we can talk about the meaning of life in general. Whatever I’m doing, we are having fun. This would not easy to be translated into text lingo.
“What are you doing?”
Just stop, I beg you.

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