Long Weekends!

Long weekends is starting from May the 5th until 8th in Indonesia. This short holiday provides me an opportunity to write a blog, after being a while. Finally!

My mommy and I

My mom and I have a great time together outside Malang. We are going to spend the long weekend in Banyuwangi! We spend the holiday with Uncle April and mommy’s friends.
I happened to sulk a little bit to my mom as she asked me to dismiss the church as the minibus was supposed to be departed on 6 a.m. However, the minibus was seen nowhere until 7.30 and I was so upset that I should have spent the precious hour to the church. I thought it was because the people were being Indonesians. However, I found out that the minibus were trapped in the bad traffic and it took 3 hours to get to the meeting point. I grabbed my phone and furiously WA my dad to pick me up for attending the church and I made it! My dad and I arrived in the church 5 minutes earlier and I felt so delightful I could make it. The minibus arrived right as I came back from the church. I have a feeling that God was laughing at me when I sulked to my mom somehow. Thanks for the jokes, Lord.
The tour itself was exciting, because I can sleep all day on the way and nobody accused me of being lazy. People thought I was too tired and it was totally amazing. If I was at home, I couldn’t get this luxury…….. *cried and laughed dramatically*
We are still on the way to this point as Banyuwangi is 6 hours straight from Malang and we spent time for resting. We spent the night in Bondowoso. Nobody is rushing and this is great. They are my kind of people!

Mommy and her friends

How do you spend your long weekend?

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