Digital Vulnerability

As a digital native, the digital identity is an important part revolves in my world. I protected my facebook walls and insist only rely on inbox communication so that facebook won’t track down how I communicate with others. Still, facebook has certain algorithm to trace my communication habits by showing up “random” people who I frequently communicate to. I can’t abandon facebook completely yet I use the site occasionally and use five-minute method every time I visit the site. I would gladly abandon facebook if there is any mean of communication as wide as facebook. However, this is the very basic protection I made and this protection cannot answer the leakage of data in the whole ecosystem.

Being a hapless third world country citizen, the country could not care less about this very basic need of digital citizens. Let alone the very basic needs which are also significant problems in the country such as poverty or clean water access. The people live in this country are still vulnerable for identity theft and the country seems less to care about data protection. Data collections might help people to track down how we communicate with others, spend our money on certain goods and service and of course make us an easy prey on digital marketing. On the upside, it may help us to ditch out the less favorable goods/service we tend to use but, on the downside, we might unaware of being the victim of cyber crimes.

It is easy to mine the very confidential digital data in the country. From the protection for the “innocent” social media users who deliberately flaunt over the names of the parents (that is, in “family” section on facebook) – the highest risk users who portray the identity under consent -, the alf*mart shoppers whose shopping identity are being tracked into the store database (Walmart old technique to increase the money making matter) to the innocent who believe their data is kept confidential in data source – the lowest risk users-, the country doesn’t provide enough protection to the citizen digital data. As easy as the KPK (Corruption Eradication Commission) gather data to topple corruption felons, any random citizen’s digital data would be easily harvested by random programmers. Worst more, the law enforcers might be the culprit behind the schemes. Doesn’t mean I try to scapegoat all the law enforcers in the country, but look into how easy the law enforcers take down the lawbreakers merely by digital data, the data theft is real. Yes, it faintly prove the loophole of digital data vulnerability. However, take to bigger pictures, what kind of activities in our life that is done offline? Since almost all of our aspects are tracked in online database from online payments, online banking to online communications, now tell me again the jokes on how privacy is over. Might as well in dry wry laugh.

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