Meaningful, Mesmerizing, Memorable Speechwriting Class

Yesterday night, Malang Toastmasters Club had an outing event in the form of speechwriting class “How to Make Your Speech Meaningful, Mesmerizing and Memorable”. Judy served as the mentor for eleven “newbies” in the club. What a day!
I suggested the class because I finally met the 1st Runner-up World Champion 2 years in a row, Kwong Yue Yang! Kwong has world champion attitude combo : brilliant, funny yet humble. He has a very interesting personality (he said I had a good top, I screamed silently) and as a the “the” communicator he said that to deliver a speech, we need to write it down. As we write it down, we are able to incorporate humor into the speech. We should write it down! It’s Kwong who said that! Then, wait, I remembered, Judy had said it for so many times and I didn’t get the why factor. That Kwong said so, I ran up to Judy and asked her to assist me on the speechwriting. She said, “I told you so many times but you don’t listen. Then you go to Bali and meet that one person, you realize how important it is, eh? That person has an ability to change your mind, indeed!” Judy is indeed the most generous person especially on sharing knowledge. Well, all Toastmasters I met are indeed generous on sharing knowledge. Judy is above them hehehe. I learned a lot from the speakers from the educational sessions in Bali, last October.
On October 31st until November 1st, I spent good time in Kuta, Harris Hotel to attend the very first semi-annual conference in my Toastmasters journey! I met a lot of people who got DTM (Distinguished Toastmasters) and people who stay years in Toastmasters experience. They usually said, “Oh, I’m just X years here.” I didn’t even touch a year, not even a half.
*screeching laugh*
I also met the World Champion 2015, Mohammed Qahtani. He is very humble and he is a motivational speaker who ask us to be unafraid of things. He got crazy bucket list which one of the accomplished goal was eating a snake. Mohammed Qahtani gave a very long speeh yet it was completely engaging, that in the end we were like, is it over? Is it over, really? It was an hour long and time flew by in a good way.
Aside from the world champions I met, there were a lot of instant friends I met in the conference. At first, because I was the only Malang Toastmasters Club member in the conference, I was intimidated. They were not from Indonesia and they brought a bunch of friends in the club. I am the minority here. I started with a big smile and thankfully they were really friendly.  The most memorable moment was when I introduced my name and my club to Malaysian Toastmasters and they always gave me the apologetic gaze.

“I’m sorry”,they said,”but Malang in Malay means bad luck.”

So I told them, it does also mean “bad luck” in Indonesia! We suddenly talked a lot and Toastmasters are indeed good communicators. I silently analyzed the way they spoke, how they attuned emotion, and showed passion in the conversation. They are the people who are carving milestones in their trajectories of Toastmasters journey. Impressive!

Best part from the Toastmasters are partyyyyyy! We danced, listened to moving speeches, involved jubilant crowds who welcome the new DTMs…. basically Toastmasters really know how to party! The commitee also provide us good wine from a Bali winery. All the District 87 Toastmasters are fascinating. I can carved my own story with them.

Even yesterday, after the class, we still had a late night talk in Warung Subuh. I had real fun with Toastmasters International!

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