Sumberpitu, Malang Springs You’ll Fall in Love With

It was a sunny Eid al Adha and a perfect day for a getaway! Besides planning to have barbeque party at the end of the day, (Eid al Adha! Yay!) Nadya, Ricko and I decided to head Sumberpitu. It is believed that Sumberpitu is an underground river flows from Bromo. Sumberpitu seemed to be a mystery ready to be unfold. Excited!
It is located about 7 kms from Tumpang and it took less than an hour to reach Sumberpitu. If you want to go there using public transportation from Malang, you need to use MM (to Madyopuro) then transfer to TGM (to Duwet Krajan/Gubug Klakah). As Sumberpitu lies inside Dusun Duwet Krajan, you need to take ojek (motorcycle taxis). You’ll pay around Rp 25.000,00 (+/- $1.5). You can walk too! It’s only 3 kms ahead.
However, taking the route into Sumberpitu was totally challenging as the trekking route was winding and steep.


And of course it was unpaved paths! (Welcome to the third world country.) It was estimated 1.5 kms long but we doubted it. It was totally exhausting road and I admit that I’m not that adventurous. Phew…
You can take easier way by riding ojek for only Rp 20.000,00 (+/- $1.25). However, it’s safer if you take a walk though. The ojek drivers didn’t provide helmets for protection.





The winding dusty steep road was paid off! Beautiful cascades flowed before us and the water was pleasantly cool. There were some people swimming under the beautiful cascade. Odg I wanted to dive in there tooooooooo
There actually was another cascade near Sumberpitu called Ringin Gantung. We didn’t go there since it was too late and we were really drained. The trekking path sapped our energy hahahaha


The path got this view though, it was really lovely.
I’d like to go there once more since I forgot to take extra clothes!
And no, skinny dipping is never an option.

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