Stromae and Cancer

Stromae danced theatrically in silhouette and sang with animated evil branches with claws tried to attack on him. The song was a mixture of electro pop, R&B and opera, enriched the black and white only stage. The evil branches sneaked behind, grabbed and defeated Stromae. The claw captured his soul and strangled him in its branch. These branches were belong to a large mass of a grey eye. This mass captured a large number of souls depicting women, men and babies, then the camera went back to the stage. The defeated man lied on the stage, looked dead.
The gut wrenching music video of “Quand C’est?” by Stromae storytells about cancer and on how limited our knowledge to know when cancer progress on us. Stromae plays the word “quand c’est?” means “when?” which homophones with word “cancer” in French pronunciation. The lyrics and the song stirs emotion, showing how we should concern about this issue.

You prey on little kids
Really, nothing stops you
Stop playing innocent
on cigarette packs
“Smoking kills”
What a surprise! But do you help?

As our unbeknownst knowledge upon cancer, the Belgian musician depicts it almost perfectly in this eerie music video. Check it out!

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