Morse Code

I just watched another blockbuster this weekend, The Avenger: Age of Ultron. One thing captures my attention was when the Black Widow sent Morse code to Hawkeye. I don’t know why but the famous Morse code invented in 1836 seemed to be one of the staple communications in almost every blockbusters. The Morse code became the pivotal code for the Interstellar as the answer of humanity relocation.

Morse code is something old, bizarre, and hard to be coded but special. It carries certain code that is needed to be decoded, it brings something important, and it is just something to be anticipated. The Morse code is something sacred that if you were in 1980s where telegram was the common communications media you should pay it per characters. Compare to our current communications, we just can get all the things almost free and easy. We are in the era where communications is so cheap and so common. Everything regarding our mobile phones is something usual, just like the air we breathe.

Morse code is not. Morse code is something that at least needs our grey materials. We need to decode it before we get the real message. It is the same feeling where you can open the envelope with puzzle. But it is a kind of sophisticated things that is specially coded just for us. Probably it evokes the same feelings when you lick dextrin at the back of the stamp to seal your love letter. It’s intimate, special and requires more efforts than just sliding to unlock to swap the message.

Morse code is just perfectly stalled in between traditional and way beyond complex. Morse code is something that makes us more than just a message. It’s like a message upon a message and you get the first hint as you get the message: you are special. Basically it’s the kind of communications we long for in the midst of the ultra modern era, something that put more effort than just words we type through kik. We long to feel special in the most abstruse way.

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