Cherish Your Little Things

Okay this is my first post so…. to begin the very first post, I’m going to let you think about all the things you have done last year.

We’re in the New Year now (or not, perhaps you read it in the end of the year instead) but all you might think might be the flaws you got. The failure you did. The girlfriend/boyfriend you broke up with. The job you had and you are unemployed currently. Or might be your loss. Your family you love were gone in the blink of your eyes you might not even imagine before. But it did. It happened. Now.

Thinking about your past might drifts you to bitter memory you’d rather share it with yourself.

Or not quite. For some people might recalls all the same thing along with the tiniest step they could achieve to build their single big dream they yearn every morning. If it happens to you then congrats! You’re the people who doesn’t even need New Year to make a resolution because you keep doing it. every. single. day.

For those who I previously mentioned, I make the post specifically for you. Firstly, I’m feeling very sorry to you if you happened to lose something. Be it your family or your job. You might want to get some insight or perhaps some enlightenment to get you through you can read this. I know. I know it is the worst part of your life but you must keep going. You stay with me.

The first thing you do now is breath. Breath as deep as you can. Inhale as much as you can and hold for awhile. Then release the whole air inside your lungs slowly. Do it for 10 times. See? You can get the fresh air for free. Now try to count that little thing. There are million people who might not get the luxury. they might have to buy oxygen can in order to get fresh air. And you can do it for free. Breath again. Feel less stressed now?

Now walk and have a drink. Walk slowly. Feel the cold season on your feet. Or the shoes/whatever you wear. feel the sensation. You can feel it? Count it. Be blessed because you can walk. Feel the sensation of the glass you take. And feel the cold yet refreshing sensation you get after that sip of the water. Cherish that little things.

Now close your eyes.

All the bad memories you have currently is not permanent. This too, shall pass. And yet, the good thing you just have now, this too, shall pass. Open your eyes and breath.

Hey, you’re doing it for free!

I hope all happiness for you this year. For this month and today.

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